This website uses cookies in order to improve your experience as a user and show you products of your interest. Cookies are small information files which enable us to obtain a wider knowledge of our users due to their passage through our website. The user has the possibility to prevent the generation of cookies by marking the corresponding menu option in his navigation programme although, if he chooses to deactivate the use of cookies, it is possible that the functioning of this website may be affected.

The users who register or have logged in can benefit from very personalised services oriented to their profiles due to the combination of data stored in the cookies with the personal data used at the time of registration.

These users expressly authorise the use of this information for the purposes stated.

You can always eliminate the cookies whose installation you have accepted. In the event that you may wish to eliminate the cookies, the parameters and preferences which these control will also be deleted.

1 Types of Cookies

Furthermore, depending on their objectives, Cookies can be classified as follows:

Performance Cookies :These types of Cookies remember your preferences for the tools which are in the Services, therefore, it is not necessary to configure the service again every time you visit it.

Geo-Localisation Cookies :These Cookies are used in order to find out in which country you are when you request a Service. This Cookie is totally anonymous and is only used in order to help to orientate the content to its location.

Registration Cookies:  The Registration Cookies are generated once the User has registered or has subsequently logged in.

Analysis Cookies: Each time a User visits a Service, a tool of an external provider generates an Analysis Cookie in the User’s computer.

What are the types of cookies we use?

Name Type Own/Third Party Provider Description
_ga, _gat, _gat_countryTracker Analysis Third Party Google It is used for statistical purposes in order to distinguish the users.
__hssc, __hssrc, __hstc Analysis Third Party EmailingNetwork It is used for statistical purposes. Is a Hubspot variable.
qtrans_cookie_test Technical Own emailingnetwork It is used to detect if the user has recieved the message of cookies usage.
wfvt_ Technical Own emailingnetwork It stores the user’s timezone.
hsfirstvisit Analysis Third Party EmailingNetwork It is used for statistical purposes in order to detect the user’s first visit.
hubspotutk Analysis Third Party EmailingNetwork It is used for statistical purposes in order to store the user’s tracking code.
PHPSESSID Technical Own emailingnetwork It stores the user’s session id
Technical Own Optimizely Website optimization
1P_JAR, CONSENT Analysis Third Party Google Information on how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user has seen before visiting said website.
c_user, datr, fr,
sb, spin, xs
Analysis Third Party Facebook To track user sessions, chat sessions, third-party application sessions and analysis.
Technical Own Emailingnetwork Control user registration.
cache-v Technical Own Emailingnetwork Check the cache version.

Collaborating Companies

The service providers with which we have contracted a service for which the use of cookies is necessary are the following:

– ACXIOM: AcxiomLiveramp cookies allow advertisers to display on the websites you visit, relevant offers based on your consumption habits as well as measure the performance of their advertising campaigns. To work this service is based on the deposit of a cookie on your browser when opening an email or your visit to the site of one of our partners. They only tell us your encrypted email address in an irreversible way and thus allowing us to create a technical key associated with our cookies. By depositing our cookies some technical information can be automatically collected (such as IP, your operating system or your browser type). Our cookies do not track your navigation. We do not store any information related to your connection. You can at any time and easily oppose the deposit of our cookies by clicking.

– EPERFLEX: As part of the improvement of the targeting of the offers that Prisma Media presents to you, Eperflex® will be able to place cookies on your terminal. If you do not want to retarget this loyalty program, follow this link.

– SIRDATA: Emailing works with the company Sirdata, which can deposit third-party cookies in order to personalize advertising offers according to their interests defined according to their browsing history. Sirdata uses cookies and other similar technologies for compilers and service providers for users who consult the websites of the participants, or the services we offer. To know more

You can easily oppose Sirdata cookies:

For more information about Sirdata services and / or if you do not wish to be redirected by Sirdata or its partners, click here.

– SQUADATA: Digital Squad services aim to offer personalized ads that show products or services based on the recent behavior of Internet users in the sites, newsletters and applications of Digital Squad partners. Digital Squad recognizes users who use cookies. For more information about Digital Squad or disable this service, click here.

– REMAILME: RemailMe is a service that allows to address ads directed by email according to the user’s browsing. As such, RemailMe can place cookies in your browser. For more information, click here.

– LIVEINTENT: We work with Liveintent to provide advertising as relevant and useful as possible. Some of the online ads that you can see are published can be based on the content of the page you are visiting, others can be based on the registration information you provide, and other ads can be customized based on predictions about your interests generated from of your visits. to other websites. You can unsubscribe from the part of the LiveIntent Advertising Program based on cookies:  click here.

– BeMail RETARGETING: The purpose of beMail Retargeting is to identify the visitors of the websites of partner clients (through their websites, applications and newsletters) and send personalized emails. BeMail Retargeting uses cookies to identify users to provide ads based on the behavior of users during online browsing. To receive more information, or disable beMail Retargeting, please, click here, or write to

2. Deactivating Cookies

Below we provide a brief explanation of how to activate or deactivate the use of cookies in your computer with the principal navigators:

Internet Explorer

In the “Tools > Internet Options”menu, go to the “Privacy” tab, select the configuration you wish and click on the advanced configuration button. Activate the box “Overwrite the automatic administration of cookies”. Mark the “Activate” or “Block” boxes. We recommend you activate the option “Always accept the session cookies” in order to enable optimum navigation on our website.


In the “Tools >Options” menu, go to the “Privacy” tab. Activate or deactivate the box “Accept cookies of the websites” or “Tell the websites that I do not want to be tracked”, depending on the version of your navigator. You can also eliminate the cookies installed by clicking on the option “eliminate cookies individually”.


In the “Tools >Configuration” menu, go to the “Privacy > Configuration of content” tab. After selecting the option “show advanced options”, select your favourite cookies configuration.

If you do not wish to permit their installation, you can select the option “block the data of websites and the cookies of third parties”.


In the “Configuration>Options” menu, go to the “Advanced” tab. In the “Cookies” menu, select the options “Accepter tracks” or “Never accept cookies”.

If you wish to have a greater level of control over the cookies which are installed in your equipment, we recommend that you select the option “ask before accepting cookies”.


In the menu “Tools > Preferences”, go to the tab “Security. In the menu “Accept cookies” select the box “Always” or “Never”. If you have an iPhone, you must access “Configuration> Safari” and there select whether you accept the cookies or not.

If you need help to carry out the configuration of the cookies with your navigator, you can send us an email to and we will contact you in order to provide you with this informationas soon as possible.