Email marketing & CRM Specialists


Emailing Network is a digital publishing group with 11 years of experience as publishers. We offer services that generate traffic in email, display, social media as well as CRM & Data consulting. We are part of the Reworld Media group (PARIS:ALREW).

We deliver relevant and personalised commercial content, using behavioural data to help users/consumers save time by making smart purchases. This way, we generate quality traffic that can be monetised for our clients/advertisers, maximising their sales and ROI.

We generate quality traffic and succeed in optimising yearly conversions of over 5,000 advertisers who have placed their trust in Emailing Network during many years and have used email marketing as an additional channel for online communication in order to increase their sales. We have more than 900m impressions, 3.7 billion dynamic emails, 135 published categories and have generated more than €200M in sales.




Email Marketing & CRM Specialists

At EMN we have built and optimised a recommender system capable, like any Virtual Assistant, of helping the end user carry out tasks in their daily life, from planning their vacations to purchasing items on Black Friday. We use machine learning algorithms that select offers that are most suited to the user’s interest.

Users and Visits

More than 178 million users in +20 countries. We generated 40 million visits to our advertisers.

Traffic Sources

We use E-mail, display and social media with our own Facebook and Instagram pages.


In order to assist in the monetisation of traffic and databases, we offer expert CRM and Data consulting.

Legal Practices

In compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR and ePrivacy regulations.



A Geo-located, smart, deals comparison site aimed at smart shoppers that collect the best offers and discounts from the Top 20 online stores. Clickplan delivers results on the web and via multi-brand newsletters. These newsletters are built with offers that are geo-located, hyper-personalised and grouped by interest through these different categories: Fashion, Travel, Tech, Kids, Sports, Deco, Luxury, Taboo etc.


Qualified base that provides dedicated deliveries that are focused on clusters of specific user interests. Oferting offers the possibility of sending personalised content to a selected audience that we manage internally. We have premium partners that require very specific segmentation criteria. We combine behavioural and demographic variables that, intertwined with our user history, allow us to reach any target.


Digital project focused on the consumption of digital and traditional coupons. Coupon&Go allows multi-brand or single-brand deliveries with all our possible segmentations. We have global clients to whom we provide over 3% in sales conversions.

Request your digital media plan to get results and improve the ROI of your Email Marketing actions. We will provide qualified traffic, sales and new users along with professionalism efficiency, closeness and innovation with tailor made implementations.


Our Team

Pablo Nowenstein / Founder & CEO

Florin Armasu / Managing Director

Manuel Pezzaioli / Chief Commercial Officer

Isabel Rivero / Chief Marketing Officer

Silvia del Blanco / Chief financial officer

Albert Playa / Chief Technology Officer

Juliett Suarez / Data Scientist Specialist


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