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Newsletters and behavioral segmentation experts


Emailing Network begins of confirm: The Email Marketing is the most effective channel of digital communication. Our philosophy to get the best content, send it to the user´s inbox at the  right moment to ensure hightly effectiveness. The Big Data and Real Time allows us to deliver the right message at the right time to the target audience.

Emailing Network edit Portals and Newsletter whose goal is to introduce new products and increase sales. We build and manage digital projects in the vertical Email Marketing: ClicPlan, Oferting, Coupon & Go.

More than 8 years of experience and 5 Billion campaigns sent,  Optin data base of over 30 million emails our own. Every year we generated over 20 M € sales for our clients in 3 continents: Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany), Asia and Latam.




Newslettters and behavioral segmentation experts


Our mission is to connect brands with their target audience in order to strengthen the brand-consumers relationship and increase sales.  Our value purpose is based on this fact: we know perfectly how will be the user´s behaviour after we had impacted them more than 5 billion e-mails in 8 years activity.

We publish our own programs and have over 25 million optin Databases in Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany)
While expert group publisher in Emailing channel, we offer our clients a range of services 360 º:

  • puntoepigrafe Email marketing segmented by behaviour to improve the visibility, traffic and sales
  • puntoepigrafe Banner Email in our commercials newsletters Clicplan, Coupon&Go, Top Oferting.
  • puntoepigrafe Segmented Co-registratiton.
  • puntoepigrafe Email Design.
  • puntoepigrafe Email Consulting and database optimization.
  • puntoepigrafe Database Monetization.




Expertise in advertorial newsletters & behaviour segmentation


Our know-how in digital Projects will help to consumer to reach their own knowledge about products available in marketplaces with the goal to optimize the buying process. We start building digital audiences in the email marketing channel and after succeed 360º DIGITAL PROJECTS.

Today more than 5 million users in EU (SPAIN, FRANCE, BELGIUM, ITALY, UK) trust in our awards programs: CLICPLAN, OFERTING, COUPON&GO. Our promise of value to our partner brands is the perfect and accurate knowledge trough our consumer´s behavior and habits.
We know what your users like. That is why their loyalty improves everytime we send a campaign.

  • clicplan


    puntoepigrafe  Recommender of Deals & Local Experiences, LEADER #1 in  Europe.

    puntoepigrafe  We publish the best daily deals, private buyers clubs, outlets and discount  e–commerce like: Groupon, Vente Privée, Letsbonus, Privalia, Voyage Privée, Letsbonus, Privalia, Voyage Privé, Amazon, Zalando, … and more.

    puntoepigrafe  2.5 million users in UE.

    puntoepigrafe  200 daily issues /newsletters geo-segmented.

    puntoepigrafe  We reach users in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, U.K, Malaysia.

  • oferting_def


    puntoepigrafe  Newsletter Program Mono-branding according behavioral segmentation.

    puntoepigrafe  Our partner Top Brands: Kiabi, Vueling, Nestlé, Zurich, Verisure, Sky

    puntoepigrafe  More than 78 million @ around the world.

    puntoepigrafe  With a concise level of segmentation, like who has pets , who wears glasses, etc… shared/combined  to their real behavior.

    puntoepigrafe  We reach users around the world.

  • couponandgo_def


    puntoepigrafe   Aggregator Program Multi-Branding with the TOP discount codes available on-line & off-line impacting a Heavy-Buyer audience.

    puntoepigrafe  Our partners:  2000 e-commerce TOP BRANDS: Unilever, Burguer King, Desigual, Amazon, Vips.

    puntoepigrafe  We reach more than 1.4 million heavy users in Europe who are impacted with dynamic content according to their interest, brands, and preferences.

    puntoepigrafe  We reach users in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, U.K, Malaysia.


The main industry leaders trust Emailing Network

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Newslettters and behavioral segmentation experts


We are a team of 25 people, multi-disciplinary and  multi-cultural. We have experience in digital marketing, communication, IT & design,  and absolutly passionated to email marketing. Our values: integrity, responsability, flexibility, collaboration, pro-activity,  direct & open communication and clearness. Our mission is connect brands & users with the  right message, at the better moment and context to achieve value for both.



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